A long love and interest in Nollywood production movies locally referred to as “Ebiniigeria” still leaves me in fierce wits with the common phrase that I notice re-occurs in a number of scenes in Nollywood movies. “Wonders shall never end” so goes the phrase, which is usually uttered or used when something unanticipated, occurs to the bewilderment of the person who uses this phrase out of utter wonder.


Away from Nollywood though; ‘wonders shall never end in this part of my world, with what has happened and with what continues to happen. It may astound a witty mind to imagine how proponents of once a brilliant uniting ideal can end up forming a war front to finish each other, just because they do not agree on certain matters along the way (food for thought).

Spite of this thought, one of the proponents of now Uganda’s over 29 year ruling party recently came to face a mind bubbling line, as to why he now fights against the system, he helped to lead to the “political promised land.” His quick response not only turned my hungry mind, but specked a thought of ingenuity as to the caliber of leadership we have today.

“A leader who does not work for a Legacy is dangerous to the society” so he revealed. Legacy in “political terms” means a series of particular infrastructures, activities and systems that can be attributed to the tireless struggle and commitment of one or more persons. This statement thus envisaged in my view, that failed is the leader who sieves no legacy for him or herself.

A favorite blindfold on the faces of some of Africa’s known and renowned leaders for their strength in building ill legacies both locally especially with those opposing them and internationally, pertaining in most occasions to their ‘un-feting’ hunger for power and wealth on one hand and hypocrisy and expediency on another.

Leaders today scoop as low as to seek the ‘fattish’ flaps of money and propriety; from serving for the greater good, to serving for the greater change in their pockets, and with the now dominant new phrase; “it’s our turn to eat!” today’s leadership is more of a zone for greener pastures especially when one is ‘up there.’

The absurdity of this whole situation is a hard-nut to crack basing on the fact that, tale after tale tells of this sick tick-tack, but whether or not it comes to an end, is a dilemma itself. As to when ever the statements will make the U-turn from ‘it’s our turn to eat’ to “it’s our time to serve” is poised to present the opportunity for the unveiling of a true legacy in leadership. Until then, ‘it’s your turn to think!”  




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